GHP is the largest independent provider of rebates and formulary management services in the United States

Gateway Health Partners provides flexible, transparent, unbundled, à la carte prescription cost management solutions for rebates, home delivery (mail service), specialty pharmacy and retail pharmacy networks. GHP is the largest independent provider of rebates and formulary management services in the United States.

We are a healthcare purchasing alliance committed to lowering drug costs through best in class purchasing solutions, technology, and clinical expertise.

Our goal is to improve the overall healthcare delivery system through increased education and choice.

At Gateway Health Partners we are:

Customer Focused

GHP believes it’s our job to prove AND improve the value we provide to our customers on an ongoing basis.

Innovative Problem Solvers

GHP understands that every client has a unique set of needs and variables driving the cost of their pharmacy spend. GHP seeks to understand each customer and develop a customized plan to reduce net cost while improving the overall care experience for each patient through education.

Unmatched Industry Experts

GHP hires only the best and brightest within the Pharmacy Benefit Management space. Every employee must have a minimum of 7 years’ experience within the PBM sector. Understanding all facets of pharmacy cost management can be complicated and we demand a high level of expertise for every function within our organization.

Agents of Change and Continued Growth

GHP believes there are different and better ways of getting to solutions that lower net pharmacy cost for our clients. We are constantly seeking new relationships and building products that enable our customers to manage their pharmacy spend smarter.

Committed to our Families and Communities

At GHP we believe a culture of “work hard and play hard too” makes the “work” part a lot more fun. This includes fostering a culture that focuses on balancing employee work and home life by encouraging employees to spend time with their families, become involved in their communities, and give back to charitable organizations.

Why work with GHP?

Industry Leading Contracts

GHP has access to the deepest discounts in the marketplace for pharmaceutical purchasing along with the most flexible options.

Unbiased Approach

GHP is not owned or operated by a PBM, retail pharmacy or home delivery provider. As such, we make decisions that are in our customers best interest and completely unbiased.

Clinical Focus

GHP employs a team of clinical pharmacists dedicated to ensure decisions are always made with patient care and optimal clinical outcomes in the forefront while balancing lowest net cost.

Data Expertise

GHP believes our customers can only make important healthcare cost decisions when they have all of the necessary data and information. GHP is an industry leader in providing meaningful data and insights back to customers for true “apples to apples” comparisons and educated decision making.

Engagement Strategies

GHP recognizes that what you say and how you say it defines the success of any program implementation. We design client-specific communication campaigns for implementation and pull through strategies to move market share through technology and member engagement.

To find out more about Gateway Health Partner’s solutions and technology, please contact us at: or (855) 850-9111