GHP offers a full service private label mail service pharmacy program

GHP offers a mail service pharmacy program which includes a variety of competitive mail service provider contracts to fit every client need from boutique players to “big box” distributors. Our flexible client branding options range from simple cobranding to complex full service private label models.

GHP also offers multiple distribution models including the traditional full service model where the mail service provider provides both front and back end services to back end distribution only where the client owned pharmacy maintains all member touch points on the front end.

Additional features available with Gateway’s mail service program

Expertise in retail to mail conversion and mail penetration improvement tactics which will help drive volume to the preferred provider

Unlimited scale and growth through our network of industries highest capacity distribution facilities

Alignment with rebate initiatives to maximum clinical programs such as house brand strategies or brand over generic initiatives

Industry leading performance guarantees to ensure unparalleled home delivery member experience, speed and quality

To learn more about our Mail Service Pharmacy Network Solutions and how they can benefit your organization, please contact us at: or (855) 850-9111