GHP Contract Management System Technology

Contract Management System Technology

Gateway Health Partners offers ProOptimizer, our dynamic contract management system that accurately & efficiently administers pharmaceutical manufacturer arrangements.

Stores all key contractual information, including the ability to support various calculation methodologies

Generates manufacturer invoices using the terms of the clients' negotiated agreements & claim utilization on a monthly or quarterly basis

Produces invoice reports, including NCPDP standard files, will be generated within 30 days following the end of a billing cycle

Integrates easily with customer databases or other software and is compatible with any claims processor

Additional service features available through Gateway’s ProOptimizer software:

Market Check Analysis

Compares client’s contracts to GHP’s contracts and produces analysis for customer with contract optimization opportunities

Net Cost

Robust net cost modeling capabilities demonstrating impact of changes to contract terms, formulary and shifts in market share

Reconciliation Reporting

Comprehensive reconciliation reports compare actuals to invoiced amounts with ability to allocate payments to downstream customers


GHP experts support with contract interpretation, negotiation, payment reconciliation, dispute resolution and market insight

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